Monday, September 28, 2009

Raya Goodie!!

A few raya goodie for my hubby's clients (last minute preparation-he never thought of doing it!!). I managed to prepare a few bags for them. I was so lucky that I've been given the chance to make the bags (kinda promotion for me???? he..he..he..) All of the same colour and pattern.

The 'biskut raya' were prepared by my sister 'Kak Aini'. Thanks kak for your patience in finishing the orders from your sista. She could sleep for only 3 hrs per day just to finish off with all the orders (but of course the 'priority' was mine!!) Kak, everybody asking where did i got the 'biskut' it's kinda promotion for you.. Thanks again kak!!


  1. the bags look soooo cute and perfect for goodies! u did a terrific job. love the bow and note details

  2. Alviana, just for fun (in order for me to release tension only lah...)

    Wan, your stuff is the cutest!! Always envy yourself lah...

  3. Boleh tanya, rege beg kalau saya berminat nak ode.