Friday, February 19, 2010

Cikgu Rozina's.

Saffiya asked me to make a bag for her english teacher, cikgu conjunction with her birthday last week. I ended up making this bag and I hope she'll like it. According to Saffiya, Cikgu Rozina is one of her favourite teacher (as english is one of her favourite subject too!!!).

***we went back to 'kampung' for the whole week to celebrate CNY (kidding!!). we went back to visit my parents and siblings!!! Long time we have not visited them (nearly a month!!!). ye lah...normally we will be going back to kampung at least once a month-just to visit our parents!!! it is kinda 'must do thing' in our lists because our parents is our priority. And our kids were soooooo happy to be with their grandparents and also their aunties and uncles!!! We were happy too!!!

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