Friday, March 19, 2010

New Company...

I've got new company with me!!! It was placed together with my other sewing tools and kits underneath my sewing machine. To be used in my sewing corner as a 'shield' to my feet!!! Lately I've been complaining about my knee. Some friends thought that it might caused by the machine hence suggested that I ought to use kinda 'shield' during my sewing activity. Believe it or not, I'm done with it and I feel comfortable using it during my sewing activity. Now the thing is outstripping tools too!!! (for myself).


  1. > Aisyah

    Hi Aisyah. Thanks..definitely, I did it myself.

  2. cutenya!ingatkan kasut untuk baby td..

  3. wan pon ingat kasu bby gakk.. hihi.. ingt nk dpt bby bru, kes3

  4. Follow me on my blog for my updates! :) have a good day!!

  5. > lia

    thanks lia..

    > wan

    ehem wan... kita kat sini tak de rejeki lg...ntah2 wan kot!! ekeke

    > amy

    thanks amy.