Monday, April 5, 2010


Purposely made this pouch for Ziha. As an employee, she has been very helpful and loyal to hubby all this while. Infact she has been very good to our family especially our kids!! But now she has to leave us for betterment. We don't want to stop her nor we don't want her to leave us actually. Feel so sad but at the same time we are so happy for her!!
Ziha, if u ever come across here, I just want u to know that "WE MISS U A LOT"!!! "WE" means our family and the rest of the staff here!! Hope u enjoy working at your new place and u deserve the best dear!!

This is what I made for her. The external view.

And the internal view.
Fabrics used : Japanese + American Cotton


  1. sis, ryn nak order pouch ni. brape harga + postage ye? lau ryn nak order byk, brape min. order utk dpt diskaun sket? :P

  2. wah..baik hatinya cik puan aimila ni...
    cute sgt pouch tu!cantik....

  3. > aryn n lia

    thanks so much to both of u. it's kinda token of appreciation to the said person. i hope she likes it and i'm happy to know that both of u like it too!!