Thursday, March 17, 2011

a little bit of this and that....

Bright and clear wheather today. Alhamdulillah...
At home with Sara as Saffiya is with her grandmother.
Poor we never plan to go anywhere during this school break
I have a lot of assignments to be done
All to be settled during this school break!!
This is the only time where I can concentrate more
on my books and studies!!!
And I have to tune off all other activities that plays in my mind (perhaps until my semester ends!!)
This is the most stressful period!!! ArrrgggHHH!!!

My mind being disturb with a lot of things lately
tsunami...earthquake...politics...women's right...bla..bla..bla...
hey!!! semua tu sangat mengganggu fikiran saya hokkaayy!!

don't know which one has to be given priority
that is my biggest weaknesses (at least i have guts to admit it ehhh)
Nevertheless, I am really grateful for having a great support and understanding from my hubby and kids (especially)
also from the rest of our family
thanks a zillion to them for being my great supporter all this while
without them i could do nothing!!

this is my log cabin pincushion
i did it a long time ago (but yet to have time to post about it)
huhu.. lame excuse from me (again??!!!).
tulah saya...

beginilah rupanya seadanya...

last but not least
remeber the sew n share crafty swap organized by zura lovemelots last time??
this is the bag n cosmetic pouch which i received from my partner Nur zilawati
she does not have any blog (i guess) she is blogless
we only get communicated via e-mail
actually, i received it quite awhile from her
sorry for my 'lateness' (again)
i really love the thing she has given to me
thanks a lot nurzilawati!!

till we meet again.


  1. lovely pincussion... i've yet to try the log cabin pattern...

  2. comel pincushion tu... gaya omputih gitu.. :D
    beg pun cantik.. eh eh..sama plak nama dia dgn saya.. wink wink... ;P

  3. faizlily...try le buat. addictive kind of thing..hehe

    zila, thanks le bnyk2 atas pujian tu. hehe..buat saya tersipu2 malu jer..