Friday, May 29, 2009

Her Pencil Case..

I can not stand her insistence on me to do this pencil case. Who?? Definitely my dotter, Saffiya. Actually I made the pencil case for her teachers in conjunction with the Teacher's Day last week. Unfortunately, I forgot to snap the pics of it. Too bad...too many things in my mind at that time makes me forgot everything. And because of that my dotter start taking orders (on behalf of me) from her teachers (without my permission)!! Really got angry with her at first because I told her I sent her to school to study not doing business!! She said my teachers want it soooo much that I can not say no to them because I pity them!! Oh..oh..she's in trouble (not she, it's ME!!). I hope I can finish them during the school holiday which starts on tomorrow.

Actually I got the idea on doing it from this blog. Many thanks to the owner of the idea. Anyway, as usual I am so happy with the outcome. A few projects on the way. Hope to finish them all by this coming school holidays. Daa..


  1. jgn kata teacher Saffiya.. I pun nak gak ahhhh ~ kiki

  2. ha! hari tu tika pun ade tgk tutorial ade kawan request pencil case utk adik die.
    eh comey la kak ila buat..
    pink pulak tu..hehe
    i like! :-)

  3. bertuahnya Saffiya ada mommy cam aimila...hehehe...kreatif banget...

  4. lawala..dh lama tgk toturial blum sempat nk buat2 lagi.
    bestnya saffiya:)

  5. to wan, tika, zulindanish n idayu..
    meh ler kita pakat buat 'bende' ni ramai2. senang ajer. ikut mcm tutorial tu..sure m'jd. insyaallah..