Monday, May 4, 2009

My 'Ocean' Bookmarks

Hi! there... Finally I'm done with my second paper. Horayy!! One more paper to go. Huh!! Relief... By the way, these are all the ocean bookmarks. They were created by me during my 'tension' period. Hi..hi..hi..

View them. It is fun to have them all 'inside' my books. My books won't feel lonely anymore becoz now they have 'new company' with them. And I can always read the books with smile


  1. cantik lo...base dia apa? kayu aiskrim ker dlm tu?

  2. wow.. i want to keep them too leh? hehe (wat muka tak malu)

  3. To Fawa : Thanx, fawa. Better kalo bubuh kayu aiskrim tu sbb ia akn jd lbh keras. tp sy x ltk pun, cuma each side tu sy wat double layer.

    To Wan : Wat ler wan. It was fun n it is really useful.

  4. hye kak aimila..
    cutenya bookmark tu..
    nak try la lepas ni..
    akak memang kreatif la..