Wednesday, December 23, 2009

dream comes true.....

Been busy lately.. not really busy but I think the most suitable word for it is "being occupied". Yeah.. that's the word. School session is just around the corner therefore I would say, a mother like me is having some kinda "jogathon" everyday (especially towards the end of school break). So many things in my mind that yet to be realized. I'm not sure whether I can make it. Anyway I love being a mother!!! I'm having a wonderful experience being a mother to my kiddos and also a wife to my hubby. There's nothing more precious as compared to those wonderful experiences.
I treasure my life!!! That's it!!

Hey!!! Look what I've got. Kinda small treat for me!! I am madly in love with those fabrics!! I can't stop myself from buying the stashes. I think it is really therapeutic kinda thing. Don't u think so??

and also the patterns which catches my fancy

this is the place where I have been last saturday (just to get all those lovely things) with my family.

You love it??? Kindly drop by at Anna Patchwork House. The place is lovely!! You'll never regret!!
Many thanks to my hubby who supports me all this while. He is really my great supporter!! Thanks Dear!!


  1. shopping.mmg nampak kain je,nak beli aje :)

  2. i love stashing up! Anna Patchwork House will be my next destination. thanks for the info :)

  3. > sweetlilcraft

    ayu, mmg bes kalo shopping ni (lebey2 lagi kalo bab2 m'beli kain nih). smpai x tahu apa nak terpa..smua nak!! tamak,kan??!!

  4. > dura

    dura, pegi lah ke sana. tp kalo pegi dgn geng yg sama interest lagi besh!! mmg berjam ddk kat sana. lg pon org kat kay ell mcm2 tmpat boley pegi. kami kat sini payah sikit nak ada pilihan. mmg tak ada pilihan!!!huhuhu...

  5. harga die ok tak??kire average for 1 meter berapa harga..
    saje survey nak compare dgn cottage patch. heee

  6. hihi..reply kt sni lak
    hm..cottage patch tu kt btol2 depan ampang point.seberang jalan besar.
    harga kt sana ada mcm2. tp byk yg besar2 no dia.hehe. price range from RM30.00 to RM52.00/m