Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We decided to send her for 'Klinik Al-Quran' during this school break. She already knew it is for her own benefit. I can't stand seeing her wasting her time by doing nothing and at the end of the day the school break will be ended up just like that. I hope she will get some benefit from the programme. And as a token for her obedience I made her a tote bag using fabrics of her choice. She was so happy to have it .

The bag is roomy enough to put her 'Al-Quran', the pencil case, note books and also her water bottle. I purposely made it slightly bigger so that she can use it for other purpose as well.

The outer view. She loves mushroom so much and I like the print of the fabric which has very bright colour combination. Don't you think so??

I even put her name on the bag with 2 flowery buttons as an embellishment. I think it's nice and simple.

The inner view. It has two pockets where she can put along her phone and also her wallet.

We are in Temerloh right now enjoying ourselves in the hotel room as hubby needs to get his work done. Temerloh is only a small district in Pahang nevertheless we are happy to be here. Temerloh is so famous with its 'ikan patin'. Have you tried it before? Some people are crazy about it. I've never tried it but would love to try it one day.

Have a nice holiday everyone!! Daa...


  1. ikan tilapia satu.. hehe.. if we pass by temerloh, confirm singgah beli ikan kat tepi sungai.. hehe..

    Cantiknya beg tu.. sesuai utk anak dara.. :)

  2. Oh kak love ikan patin.Kalau visit anak kat kuantan selalu singgah kat Gambang R& R untuk jamah gulai tempoyak ikan patin...ish,ish dah meleleh air lior..!!just talking about it..

  3. Salam kenal aimila... Temerloh is my hometown.. jom makan ikan patin masak tempoyak at my mother's house kat seberang temerloh... hihihi.

    I like the bag.. nice colour combination, btw.. where did u buy the fabric?

  4. nice fabric ! and i love the polka dots inside :)

  5. > Zila, hmm..mmg ramai beli ikan kat tepi sungai tu kan? nak juga cuba satu hari nnti..thanks zila.

    > nykolett : kak, memang meleleh air liur w'pun sy tak pernah cuba lagi. bau tempoyaknya saja dah menusuk ke hidung apatah lagi kalo dah merasanya kan?

    > Mila : thanks mila for dropping by. lenkali pi temerloh boleh singgah umah mak mila ehhh...hehe
    Actually, mertua saya pun tinggal tak jauh dr temerloh tu. mereka di jerantut. so kalo mila singgah di jerantut bolehlah singgah ke rumah mertua saya pula.. Jom..

    Mushroom fabric tu sy beli dgn zura si tokey lovemelots tu.. stripey fabric tu pulak dah x hingat kat mana dan yg polka dot tu cuma di kamdar sahaja.

    > color me pretty : thanks dear. i love polka dot too!! everything that comes in polka dot will drive me crazy!!