Friday, December 3, 2010

This is my 1st attempt to use embroidery machine. Not satisfactorily done but was so happy doing it. I am contemplating on something so this is kinda practice for me. Will do a lot of practice until myself get satisfied with the outcome. Practice makes perfect!!

Will do some 'exploration' with the functions of the machine so that I will get used to it.

Raining day here in Kuantan. Monsoon season has come. I'm happy in one way when it comes to monsoon season cause the weather will get cold most of the time but feel worry at the same time as it also can cause flood especially in the east coast area. So if you are going on a vacation during this school holidays please be more extra careful while you are driving on the road. Have a safe journey!!



  1. kat KL/Selangor pun hujan tiap2 hari..
    cantik embroidery tu.. jom join Kak Zura nyer swap sew&share.. :)

  2. wah... first attempt dah secantik itu... dah expert nnt emmmm cant imagine.
    btw.. pakai machine apa yer?

  3. Kak pun sedang berjinak2 dgn embroidery...but hand embroidery..siap beli buku lagi...harap2 tak hangat2 tahi ayam hihihi..yours looks like a pro..pandai control mesin ekk!

  4. zila, thanks to inform me the matter. dah join pun.hehe

    mila, tak delah cantek pun. bnyk sgt cacatnya mungkin dlm gambar tak berapa jelas..hihi. btw, sy guna janome 350E.

    kak, sy mmg tergila2kan sgt mesin sulam tu. tak sangka pulak (setelah beratus2 kali) mintak pendapat hubby kali ni dia approved my suggestion cum intention tu..huhu. nmpak cam pro tu sbbnya mesin tu mmg tak payah kita nak control dah. kalo kena control harus saya fail gak.hihi

  5. Aimila, salam,

    Hope to hear from you about the swap partner hosted by Sew Retro chic, I have emailed you, did you get it? It's from, probably also on Spam , please check. Thanks :)

    liza A.