Thursday, December 23, 2010

Big n Small

These are the purses which i've made few months back. I have decided to give the bigger one to my mum. she don't mind at all about the colours. mom always appreciate whatever i did for her no matter how small it is and i always ask myself whether can i be like her? mom is always a person who is full of courage yet loving kan? i don't think (but i always hope) that i can love and appreciate her as much as she loves and appreciates me. Siapa lah dalam dunia ni yang tak sayangkan mak kan? and in the end i always ended up saying to myself (with guilty feelings): is that all u can do and give to your mom?? mak, if u ever got the chance to read and understand this, I just want u to know that "you are the queen of my heart". really love u and always miss u.

the one that going to be given to my mum. can be used as a handbag. big enough to put her purse and also her mobile phone. i always remind her to bring her phone along wherever she goes because i will call her everyday (without fail). kan saya dah kata saya selalu rindu kat mak!! hehe..

with one pocket inside.

i keep the small one for myself. easy to store the coins.

inner part.

sakit jari weh nak jaet bingkai purse2 nih..
happy crafting ladies!!


  1. comel nye and nampak vintage because of the bingkai.Your kind words about your mum makes me miss my mum sooo much!

  2. cantik..dua2 pun cantik.. confirm mak aimila suka! hehe..
    mmg nmpk susah nak jahit bingkai tu (saya blom berani mencuba..) ngeh ngeh.. berani tengok jer.. hehe.. :)

  3. comel nyer...ajar la sy!