Tuesday, May 3, 2011


i'll be sitting for my final paper on this coming friday. hopefully everything is going to be o.k. right now i am over loaded with cases, sections and authorities. it seems that everything have been mixed up. huhu.. i just hope that my small pentium will run smoothly when the  times come. Waiting for the right time to burst it out!! hopefully this coming friday is the right time to burst all it out. i just can't stand going thru this stressful and painful period hence i made this!!

I simply made this to calm down myself. At least it works!! It really works on me!!
Outer view. Really love the print on the fabric.
Inner view...and actually i made this for Saffiya. she loves it sooooooooooooooo much!!!
Have a nice day everybody and happy viewing!!


  1. wow another cupcakes.. yum yum. nice fabric combination...

  2. colorful...cheerful.........!

  3. Mila, thanks. let's yum yum together-gether..hehe

    Mamikelate, thanks a lot..

    Kak dee, thanks so much..