Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Pocket Assistant

Hey..look out!! Here comes my pocket assistant!! I can bring it everywhere. I made this while waiting for my dotter from school (inside the car some more...).

I always bring my sewing stuff inside my car (other than my books). Normally I will do the 'touch-up' activities while waiting for my dotter. Now with this pocket assistant, I can put a few items for my sewing purpose in it and hang it inside my car. Much more easy, am I right??

class="gl_link" And also take a look for a minute..look at the buttons. It's from the buttonplanet! Yeay!!


  1. that's amazing. what a very functional craft. Love the color and how useful it is. Great job!

  2. yup,me too,thinking the same thing...So neat la sist aimilia...('',)

  3. Thanx alviana..frankly,I admire your talent. Your creation is much more fantastic.

  4. Nisa.. u r better than me. Mine is just a simple thing. U may try it.Try n i'm sure u'll love it!!