Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sweet Heart

Sigh... We live in a hectic schedules, busy kids and plenty of items on our "things to do list". Frankly, I want my projects to look like I spent hours on them and in reality, I want to finish them quickly. I think most of us have "someday" project that might take months to complete (actually I'm talking about myself..shhh..don't tell anybody...) at the same time I want immediate results (that's truly of me) and that's what FELT is all about. It takes me about 1 hour to finish this sweet heart.

Sweet Heart... as a token of affection or simply a decorative accent. But one thing for sure it's for my dotters. 'My heart' is being hanging at their door room!!! See..both of u.. mommy's heart is everywhere!!!

Hope they like it. Of course they are!!! Hmm.. I feel so tensed today, so I made this to ease my tension. And it works!!! It works 'efficiently' as I can continue with my readings with smile. Yeah.. at least this 'sweet heart' has bring joy n happiness to us (me, kids n hubby).


  1. Sist,,agak cerewet jugak mau buat mcmni..herm,teliti la sist ni,huhu..

  2. Thanx nisa.. x cerewet pun. cubalah. u'll love it!!