Friday, July 31, 2009

It's My Turn!!

Now it's my turn (to get n make something for my own). I purposely made this to put my 'telekung' (a cloak used by muslim women when praying) inside. It's a bit difficult when it's come to patcwork n quilting part (for me) but then it was fun doing it!!!

The inner part. No pocket, solely to put my telekung. Enjoy viewing...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Sign Of Love!!!

Made for Saffiya. I've promised to make one for her (another one for Sara-still 'struggling' to finish it). I seldom make applique that's why it took me sometime to finish it. Not perfectly done but it really makes Saffiya happy. Nothing can describe my feelings when I saw Saffiya really satisfied with that 'bag' (i'm not really sure about the name of the 'bag' but she called it 'beg bekal'.) Emmm...whatever the name she might call it i'm saying here I really enjoyed while doing it.

There's a pocket inside. Enough for her to put her small wallet.

Also the outside pocket with applique on it. Owwhh yea.... since I've just started my new semester I have to limit my blogging hour and also my hobby. Until then, enjoy viewing.

Friday, July 3, 2009

bee-zee period!!

hye, everybody..i'm quite busy at the moment. Managed to help my hubby with his income tax thingy.. feel relief after it has finished!!! and also busy 'managing' my two daughters. I have a few 'abondened projects' to finish and I don't know whether I could finished it off (before my semester break ends and I have to go through 'tough time' for once again....). Come to think of it sometimes I feel I really want to quit my studies (and of course the other side of me would say NO!!!) but because of 'mega' supports given by my hubby I still go on with it. Thanks dear for all of your SUPPORTS!!! One thing for sure i'll come back with my finished projects sooner. Till then, many thanx to everybody for stopping by..