Friday, May 29, 2009

Her Pencil Case..

I can not stand her insistence on me to do this pencil case. Who?? Definitely my dotter, Saffiya. Actually I made the pencil case for her teachers in conjunction with the Teacher's Day last week. Unfortunately, I forgot to snap the pics of it. Too bad...too many things in my mind at that time makes me forgot everything. And because of that my dotter start taking orders (on behalf of me) from her teachers (without my permission)!! Really got angry with her at first because I told her I sent her to school to study not doing business!! She said my teachers want it soooo much that I can not say no to them because I pity them!! Oh..oh..she's in trouble (not she, it's ME!!). I hope I can finish them during the school holiday which starts on tomorrow.

Actually I got the idea on doing it from this blog. Many thanks to the owner of the idea. Anyway, as usual I am so happy with the outcome. A few projects on the way. Hope to finish them all by this coming school holidays. Daa..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

For Mom Again!!

This bag was made again for my mom. To be frank it's not easy to make it as I'm neither amateur nor professional. But I was so happy when doing it, as happy as my mom although I realized that this is not a perfect bag for her!! She said she wants to use it for her 'mengaji' thing. Anyway mom, u deserve more than this!!!

Again Late Entry!!

Many thanx to Ayu of Sweet Lil Craft for sending me these cute little stuff. I've won her giveaway that day and been searching for these stuff high and low and I managed to locate these stuff inside my dotter's wardrobe!!! She hide it from me because she wants it sooooooo much!! She took it from my 'crafty room'. I wanted to post the entry regarding these stuff long time ago but because of the 'sudden disappearance' I just couldn't make it. Many thanx and many sorry to Ayu once again. I (including my dotter) adore these stuff!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Late entry!!!

Hi! Everybody, I'm back!!!! I'm so happy to be here. Lately, I'm so busy with my house chores. My daughter, Saffiya is having her exam so I'm quite tension!! Hopefully she can do better from previous exams. Anyway she never let me down!!! Alhamdulillah...

This late entry is all about mother's day gift. The above purse was made for my mother. "terima kasih mak kerana telah memberikan segala-galanya pada akak. Akak harap mak panjang umur, sentiasa sihat walafiat dan dimurahkan rezeki yang halal lagi berkat. Tiada apa yang dapat menggantikan tempat mak di dalam hati ini. Akak sayang sangat kat mak."

I know she will not be able to read this. But all I want to say is I love her so much!!! I could not imagine if I have to live without her!! Because she is everything for me.

From inner side. Actually I was not satisfied with the outcome but then again come to think of it, it's better than nothing. Don't you think so??!! Quite a number of projects are coming. I've received a few orders from my friends on this purse and I'm working on it!!! Wait for the up-date. Till then see you all in the next entry. Bye!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Award Again!!!

Yeay!!! I've got another award from my most superb crafter fren. Yes, she's the one!! It's from wan. Do visit her. Thanx, wan for the award. Really appreciate it. I do!! And I want to apologize her for being late in accepting her award. Actually i'm in the midst of preparing my final paper this Sunday. Wish me luck, everybody.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Scissors Case

My less than satisfactory scissors case!! At first I want to make it using fabrics but due to my laziness then I decided to make it using felt.

So, here's the outcome. I have to admit that I'm happy while doing it!!

***Wan, later i'll get d award from u, yeah..Time always envies me..really appreciate it.

Monday, May 4, 2009

My 'Ocean' Bookmarks

Hi! there... Finally I'm done with my second paper. Horayy!! One more paper to go. Huh!! Relief... By the way, these are all the ocean bookmarks. They were created by me during my 'tension' period. Hi..hi..hi..

View them. It is fun to have them all 'inside' my books. My books won't feel lonely anymore becoz now they have 'new company' with them. And I can always read the books with smile