Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I am relief that I'm done with my 1st paper today. Yeay!! Happy so much. And another thing which makes me more happier is that I received an award. Frankly speaking this is my 1st award (see how 'unpopular' I am among my blogger frens...hu..hu..hu..). One thing for sure, it is really an honour for me to get this unexpected award from my blogger fren, Lian. As I've mentioned earlier, she is a multi-talented girl!! Superb multi-talented. Well, Lian thanks for this award and hope for the best in your future undertaking. Strive for the best, yea..

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Giveaway Time By Sweet Lil Craft

This is my first time in this kind of participation but the umpteenth time for me in 'peeping' activities. Ha..ha..ha..but trust me it's worth it as finally I got invitation from Ayu of Sweet Lil Craft to participate in her giveaway. Perhaps I can be the luckiest person to get that bag (picture above) and/or that sweet lil strawberry (picture below). They are awesome!! I've been dreaming for these stuffs day and nite.

First time I 'barged in' her house, myself already crazy after her stuffs!!! Really!! No jokes!! And till todate I am really crazy about those things!!(above pics especially).

So, come accompany myself to participate in this giveaway!! It's really Fun!! and yes, it is!!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Huarggh.. I just can't help myself to stay away from my 'cyber home'. I feel really tensed up and the worst part is that I can't get away from it. Somebody help me!! and for obvious reason I've made these hair clips. It works as it helps me to reduce my tension. Come let's view them!!

These hair clips are made for my eldest dotter-Saffiya. She loves it so much!! "Thanx mummy. There are all awesome". Hope so.

and these are for my youngest dotter-Sara. She didn't mention anything but I knew she loves it!!
It were not perfectly sewn by me but at least it helps me to reduce my tension. Happy viewing!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Exam Week!!

Dear Friends n Viewers,

I have to 'stay away' from my so-called 'home' at the moment. I'll be back once I've finished my exam. Really a tough time for me..but I have to admit one thing, this is part of my journey in life. I cannot foresee anything else that would secure my life except to further my study. In the midst of the hard way suddenly I got inspired by my Mdm Farah while reading her "poem" in her blog. I am really grateful that I've been surrounded by successful people (you know who you are!!). Thanks again to my hubby who is always be my "heart companion" through my good and bad times. To all my friends (be it bloggers or non-bloggers) thanks also to all of you. Myself also being inspired by all of you!! Really!! Below is my exam schedule :

1) Tuesday (28/4/2009)
2.15 p.m-5.15 p.m
LAW 435 (Torts 1)

2) Sunday (3/5/2009)
9.00 a.m-12 noon
LAW 481 (MLS 2)

3) Monday (10/5/2009)
2.15 p.m-5.15 p.m
LAW 437 (Consti 1)

Wish me luck then. Hope to see you all in the next entry. A lot of upcoming projects during semester break!!! Can't wait to finish my exam (although i'm not ready!!). Hu..hu..hu..

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pink Little Lambkin

This pink little lambkin is a request from my dotter. Since I'm a so-called 'superb mom' (he..he..he..), I've tried my best in fulfilling her request. So, here's the outcome.. lousy??!! I've expected that would come out from most of us..

Announcement : I have to restrict my blogging hours due to my coming exam. Core paper tu beb!! I have to 'undergo' 3 core papers (Malaysian Legal System 2, Constitutional Law 1 n Tort 1). Another 2 subjects, fine with me but this 3 are just like killing me!! (killing me softly??) So, to my dear classmates, let's strive for the best!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Pocket Assistant

Hey..look out!! Here comes my pocket assistant!! I can bring it everywhere. I made this while waiting for my dotter from school (inside the car some more...).

I always bring my sewing stuff inside my car (other than my books). Normally I will do the 'touch-up' activities while waiting for my dotter. Now with this pocket assistant, I can put a few items for my sewing purpose in it and hang it inside my car. Much more easy, am I right??

class="gl_link" And also take a look for a minute..look at the buttons. It's from the buttonplanet! Yeay!!


Horeyy!! I've received all these buttons yesterday morning. Been sent to hubby's office for convenience. Hey, they are all cute!! Guess where did I got this from?? Of course at buttonplanet. Thanks buttonplanet. I really love it!!!

Take a look!! Aren't they cute?? Wait for my upcoming project. I'll do something on these buttons!!

Gorgeous!! I was afraid of these seashore to be taken away therefore I grab them all!! Ha..ha..ha.. And frustrated of Retro Novelty taken away. hu..hu..hu..

And this is as a compliment from buttonplanet. Thank u so much!! I never thought of having this. Thanks again...

Finally, this is my project. I finished it off about within 2 hours yesterday (too many 'disturbances'). Thanks God, finally I managed to finish it. The materials are 'left-overs' from my previous project.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sweet Heart

Sigh... We live in a hectic schedules, busy kids and plenty of items on our "things to do list". Frankly, I want my projects to look like I spent hours on them and in reality, I want to finish them quickly. I think most of us have "someday" project that might take months to complete (actually I'm talking about myself..shhh..don't tell anybody...) at the same time I want immediate results (that's truly of me) and that's what FELT is all about. It takes me about 1 hour to finish this sweet heart.

Sweet Heart... as a token of affection or simply a decorative accent. But one thing for sure it's for my dotters. 'My heart' is being hanging at their door room!!! See..both of u.. mommy's heart is everywhere!!!

Hope they like it. Of course they are!!! Hmm.. I feel so tensed today, so I made this to ease my tension. And it works!!! It works 'efficiently' as I can continue with my readings with smile. Yeah.. at least this 'sweet heart' has bring joy n happiness to us (me, kids n hubby).

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First Entry

Dear All,

This is my 1st n3 through this blog, but it's not the 1st time for me for blogging as I already have a blog of mine previously . Just to mention that I really running out of time these days. I have no time to update any n3 at the moment. Perhaps after I've settled everything pertaining to my exams then only I can start my 'routine'. My mind at the moment is so crowded with cases. I don't know whether I can recall all those cases from my 'pentium' during my exams. Well, it's just a few more days for me before the exam starts. My legs start shaking!! This is just like a war for me. Meaning that if I pass the exams then I'm still alive, but if I don't that's the end of me. It's really crucial because i'm running out of time. I'm getting older!!! That's the truth. Anyway, thanks a lot to my hubby who is always be by my side. He's the one who gives me strengths and supports, without him it's impossible for me to have whatever I have now. Thanks, dear.

Whatever it is, I would like to state that I've received a parcel yesterday from my blogger friend, Lian. Never met her but really look forward to meet her one day (hope so). Really admire her 'creation'. She's a young girl with multi-talented skills. Thanks a lot to u, Lian. Perhaps we can share our passion. A lot more to learn from a young girl like you!!!

Well, these are all the fabbys.. Few more already in my safekeeping. I'll start for a few projects during my coming semester break!! I just love to sew . It's really can soothe my mind. Perhaps I can finish it before the new semester begins. Insyaallah...(God Willing).