Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Exam Week!!

Dear Friends n Viewers,

I have to 'stay away' from my so-called 'home' at the moment. I'll be back once I've finished my exam. Really a tough time for me..but I have to admit one thing, this is part of my journey in life. I cannot foresee anything else that would secure my life except to further my study. In the midst of the hard way suddenly I got inspired by my Mdm Farah while reading her "poem" in her blog. I am really grateful that I've been surrounded by successful people (you know who you are!!). Thanks again to my hubby who is always be my "heart companion" through my good and bad times. To all my friends (be it bloggers or non-bloggers) thanks also to all of you. Myself also being inspired by all of you!! Really!! Below is my exam schedule :

1) Tuesday (28/4/2009)
2.15 p.m-5.15 p.m
LAW 435 (Torts 1)

2) Sunday (3/5/2009)
9.00 a.m-12 noon
LAW 481 (MLS 2)

3) Monday (10/5/2009)
2.15 p.m-5.15 p.m
LAW 437 (Consti 1)

Wish me luck then. Hope to see you all in the next entry. A lot of upcoming projects during semester break!!! Can't wait to finish my exam (although i'm not ready!!). Hu..hu..hu..


  1. u'r mother of 2 and taking Law course??? OMG.. so, terror.. ambil law kat ner? I was law graduate from iiu back 2005. Now mother of 2 and expecting one more... Kawin masa last semester law. I can't imagine taking law with 2 kids around... WOW..