Friday, April 24, 2009


Huarggh.. I just can't help myself to stay away from my 'cyber home'. I feel really tensed up and the worst part is that I can't get away from it. Somebody help me!! and for obvious reason I've made these hair clips. It works as it helps me to reduce my tension. Come let's view them!!

These hair clips are made for my eldest dotter-Saffiya. She loves it so much!! "Thanx mummy. There are all awesome". Hope so.

and these are for my youngest dotter-Sara. She didn't mention anything but I knew she loves it!!
It were not perfectly sewn by me but at least it helps me to reduce my tension. Happy viewing!!


  1. woh, tensen2 pun still bleh crafting.. well, aimila kena bykkan tensen lah mcm nie, ur tension can create good stuff, lot lot of good stuff! haha ~

  2. hehhee..a'ah..lagi tensen lagi kreatif ye?sampai 8 klip boleh siapkan trus..hehehe..

  3. wan, crafting tu yg blh m'hilangkan tensen. mcm sapu minyak angin kat kepala bila dpt wat ni. ah...leganya.

  4. lydia..x kreatif pun sy clips tu sy wat dlm keta ms tnggu ank blk skolah. mana smpat kalu nk wat masa lain, tmbah lg tgh nk peksa

  5. I love your craft.. suka sangat2... nanti I nak buat juygak.. buleh kan???