Monday, November 23, 2009

I Think I Must Be Taking A Break

I didn't realize it had been quite long since I had started with my semester break. Have been busy with not sure what but I will be posted again soon ( I think). Seem to be taking a break!!!

Hope all is well with everyone.!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gifts For Teachers

I've made the diary covers purposely to be given to Saffiya's teachers. Managed to finish two diary covers for her teachers. Hopefully I can finish the rest of it by today since tomorrow is the last day of school.

Above is for Cikgu Samli (her class teacher). Credit must be given to Natalie of Cinderberry Stitches for the embroidery pattern. Unfortunately it was not perfectly done by me!!

The inner part.

And another one for Cikgu Azlina (her BM teacher). The front part of it. Not forgetting the credit also goes to Roslyn Mirrington of Bloomandblossom for her journal cover tutorial.

Finally the inner part of it.

Hopefully the teachers will like it. Saffiya was really happy about it. She can't wait to go to school this morning!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

BOM Quilt

Below is my upcoming project with other quilters. Hope I can manage to finish 'my task' on time and hope everything is running smoothly.


Here's the link :

And here are my fellow friends including myself (copy n paste from Kak Fida's) :
  1. Faridah a.k.a Fida
  2. Kak Dee
  3. FAWA
  4. Mrs. Fedex
  5. Kak Pah
  6. Kak Aton
  7. Kak Naiz
  8. Aimila
  9. Hani
  10. KukaKuka
  11. Cik Kema
  12. Kak Maz
And here is the procedure (also copy n paste from kak fida's) :

1. Para peserta tolong bagitau saya apa kaler yg diaorang nak nanti saya akan update dan letak nama berserta dengan kaler yg dah dipilih disebelah sidebar saya senang nak pantau. Yang penting kaler putih diperlukan untuk background setiap block baru nampak timbul pattern dan juga kaler yg dah dipilih.. :) Saya cadang kan kita pakai 3 kaler :-
1 . putih
2 . kaler pilihan
3 . kaler pilihan

2. Saya akan buat cabutan apabila kita dah nak start main siapa yg akan dapat no berapa dan block apa dia nak kena buat. Contohnye katakanlah..dalam bulan Januari Saya dapat no 1 dan block yang saya kena buat adalah block no 1 dan cik kema dapat no 2 block yg cik kema kena buat adalah block no 2 begitulah seterusnya sehingga block 12. Dan bila dah siap semua org kena hantar pada peserta pertama ini let say pada hari isnin minggu terakhir dalam bulan tersebut. Peserta pertama ini akan menerima 12 block yg berlainan dan dah boleh start buat quilt :) Jangan risau kalau tak paham nanti saya akan bagitau setiap bulan giliran siapa dan block apa dia kena tak keliru.

3. Cara penghantaran saya cadangkan pakai pos ekspress tu, yg envelop kecik tu..tak mahal sangat baru 3.50 kan?..

4. Tolong update blog supaya senang saya nak pantau siapa dah pos dan penerima dah terima parcel.

Me, myself have chosen white, pink and green as my project colours. Other frens?? Their choice of colours? I'll update later on.

*****Harap dapat tunjuk ajar daripada kawan2 quilters yang lain. Sy mmg tiada pengalaman langsung di dalam penyertaan sebegini. Memang sangat2 mengharapkan bantuan kawan2 yang lain.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Done With It!!

Yeay!! Done with my exam and the book cover as well!!. The book is for my classmate, Haida. She's going to move to Shah Alam Campus for next semester onwards. We will miss her (a lot!!).
I hope she will remember 'us' (espc me) whenever she using it. A lot of memories with her and the rest of our friends. Hope she will cheerish the moment!!!

As usual, the inner part. Not satisfactorily done but hope Haida will be happy with it!! The cover tutorial can be found here.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Giveaway once more!!!


Did I've ever mentioned before that I will never let go any giveaway that is going to be conducted by my fellow bloggers??? Well, this is another giveaway conducted by feltwishes. For more details do feel free to visit her via her blog. It will be great to have something that we sometimes can't afford to make it or have it. And the pictures speak for themselves. I want them to be mine!! Of course not the PC what i'm talking about!! It's the hanging felt on the PC and also on the wall!!


oh..felt..felt..hanging on the wall would u be mine one day???

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

MsCraftShoppe Giveaway

MsCraftShoppe is having their giveaway. Starting from this moment I'm not going to let myself to miss any giveaway (I've missed a lot of giveaway conducted by blogger frenz). I want to be part of 'that lucky person'. muahaha...

Anyway let us have a visit to mscraft shoppe. They are having some cutie little thing (as shown below-n perhaps more) to be given away!!! I hope one of those could be mine. hoping for that!!! Ladies, let us share the joy n the excitement of having one of them....