Friday, April 29, 2011

Tutorial : Jahit Lubang Butang Janome 2049

Dah lama menggunakan Janome 2049 tapi amat jarang menggunakan tapak lubang butangnya. Bila dah tahu cara nak menggunakannya rasa seronok pulak. Pada kawan2 yg ingin berkongsi melihat cara penggunaan tapak lubang butang tersebut, silalah klik pada gambar di bawah yer. Nasib baik ada youtube. Teringin juga nak buat tutorial macam kawan2 yg lain tapi rasanya saya belum layak lagi..

Selamat Mencuba!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Just for a refreshment...

I've finished with one paper yesterday. Quite difficult subject (for me lah). Land law...can't describe my feelings when i first saw the questions. i got blanked suddenly. though the statute (national land code) can be brought into the exam hall but for law student, it is so meaningless if u can't digest those sections and u forget all your cases. actually u will have no time to turn into the pages of the code pun. 3 hrs was like  30 minutes for me. and i was running out of time yesterday!! that's it!! that's the real issue here. i didn't got the chance to re-check my answers!! and i hardly can remember 2-3 cases jer!!! from hundreds of cases i've read, i can hardly remember that much only!! that what was happened to me yesterday. before entering into the exam hall, i was quite confident to sit for the paper but after that....only God knows what I went through yesterday. I couldn't sleep last night. I was thinking about all the possibilities in the future...i'm hoping for something magical and miracle to happen to my answer script!! hehe!! btw, i'll have another paper tomorrow. wish me luck yerr!!

Just forget all those!! just want to share  a picture of a blouse that i've sewn couple of months ago. it was kind of experiment for me cause i've never sewn anything like it before. Fabric  used was from  nagoya. it fits me but i don't dare to wear it. not yet at this time or maybe it's gonna be just a sample. hehe...

enjoy viewing ladies..

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

oooppsss...i did it again!!

Hello look?? yeah...trying to come out with new look but then i've messed up everything. many things here have been disappeared. Not to worry about that cause i'm gonna fix the problem later on.  but i don't think it will be appropriate for me to doing that at this point of time. exam is coming and that's the most scariest thing!!! i don't like exam cause i don't really like to make any revision!!! haha!! anyway i'll be right back after i've finished with my exams.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Top Of The World

i'm on the top of the world rite now...
tomorrow is gonnna be my birthday
so i feel that i'm gonna receive something extra special from him
(intentionally mentioned to him that i want ............ as my birthday present)
'materialistik' pulak saya kali nih..
his statement to me "whatever makes you happy".
dan dalam hati saya bagaikan terus ada taman..
cuma nak berkongsi kegembiraan dengan teman2 di sini
tiada niat lain yang tersembunyi..