Thursday, October 15, 2009

Handphone Covers

HP001 (SOLD)

HPoo2 (SOLD)

I've been making handphone covers (for my sista's fren) lately, unfortunately I took time off to sew those (above) eventhough i'm quite busy with my exams preparation n if u feel to own one of it do e-mail me at :

The details (for both items) :
Measurement : 5 1/2" height x 3 1/2" wide
Thin quilt batting
Price : RM18.00 only (excluding postage)

Grab it fast!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Best Friend Ever!!

Delivered To Aishah (My Best Friend Ever)
I've tried my level best to 'realize' her 'dream of having the 'cosmetic case' (I think she's going to use the thing for that purpose).

My exam starts 2 weeks from now (and will end on 11/11/2009), due to that I think this is my final project (at the moment). Will continue with soooooo many projects (in mind) after my exams period. I am contemplating on something. So do wait for my upcoming projects and news!!!!

And finally I do love you all. See ya !!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Dots and The Strips....

Name : The Dots and the strips tote bag.
Perfect use to put the 'telekung' or any other stuff that suits the bag.
Reserved and delivered to Kak Nor.

The inner part.
No pocket inside.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Again but......

"Owhh.. I've seen that ocean creatures before. Where could it be???" said the Pinky Beary to herself.

Myself replied "Yes, Miss Pinky Beary. You have seen it. Please scroll down your cursor to the previous entry to satisfy yourself. he..he..he..".

Myself again, "Actually that pencil case was for myself. Have a pity on me.. frankly i don't have a proper pencil case since I enrolled myself in UiTM (Kuantan Campus) for my BLS programme. It has been my 2nd year but I'm yet to have any!! All this while i've been using the pencil case which 'donated' by the Bank Rakyat (u know when ur kids put some savings with the bank, they normally gives u something as a compliment). Therefore I decided to make one for myself (sedut hingus banyak2-sedey nih). Again using the same fabrics as before but with different pattern. Whoa....."

Miss Pinky Beary said "wokeh..wokeh..please calm down yourself. Don't be so sad. U must be grateful on what u have at all times. No matter what, I think U did a great job (ni ayat letak bakul angkat sendiri ke??)".

Me,,,,,"did I? Thank You soo much Miss Pinky Beary. Muah..muah..(macam mdm muah muah lah pulok).

Miss Pinky Beary " hemmmm.. i really like the colours combination. could u please make one for myself?"


Wokeh guys, let us play hide n seek with miss pinky beary!!! Have fun!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oceanic Pencil Box

Made for Saffiya's friend in conjunction with the children's day celebration at her school last friday. Last minute request from Saffiya therefore I end up making this. Love the fabrics so much.

Come let's view its inner side. Not satisfactorily done but according to Saffiya her friend really loves it. . Me...happy!!!