Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We decided to send her for 'Klinik Al-Quran' during this school break. She already knew it is for her own benefit. I can't stand seeing her wasting her time by doing nothing and at the end of the day the school break will be ended up just like that. I hope she will get some benefit from the programme. And as a token for her obedience I made her a tote bag using fabrics of her choice. She was so happy to have it .

The bag is roomy enough to put her 'Al-Quran', the pencil case, note books and also her water bottle. I purposely made it slightly bigger so that she can use it for other purpose as well.

The outer view. She loves mushroom so much and I like the print of the fabric which has very bright colour combination. Don't you think so??

I even put her name on the bag with 2 flowery buttons as an embellishment. I think it's nice and simple.

The inner view. It has two pockets where she can put along her phone and also her wallet.

We are in Temerloh right now enjoying ourselves in the hotel room as hubby needs to get his work done. Temerloh is only a small district in Pahang nevertheless we are happy to be here. Temerloh is so famous with its 'ikan patin'. Have you tried it before? Some people are crazy about it. I've never tried it but would love to try it one day.

Have a nice holiday everyone!! Daa...

Monday, November 22, 2010


These BOMs were made for Kak Pah, Kak Dee n Cik Kema. I owe them these BOMs for quite some time. Really sorry for that. The photos are quite 'blur' kan?? I took the photos using the handphone. I left my camera at my parents house!!! and I left other important things as well!! what a forgetful person i am...hummm..

Challenging...was the first word uttered from my mouth. I've made few mistakes while doing it. expected already because i haven't sewn anything for quite sometime. doing these BOMs means i have to start from zero again!! hahaha... have to really read the instructions..have to really understand the instructions!! and i thought i was careful enough while doing it but still i made mistake. hmmmm... we are only a human being kan...cannot free from mistake maaa...

Kak Pah's.

Kak Dee's

Cik Kema's

I have four more BOMs to be finished (including mine). that other BOMs will be posted out next week pulak yerr...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

something special for someone special

It was made for Arina, her classmate. According to her Arina is her best friend. humm...that's what she said. and she requested me to make a bag for arina. I said to her i could not do anything better than this one at that moment and she understood.

She said arina really likes it. happy to hear that.
this is the outer view.

this is the inner view.
chow for now!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This is what i made for myself recently. after a long break from sewing activity i think it's time for me to sew something for a start. something that is simple and easy to start with. so this is it...

i made this for my sewing activity purposes. i need a bag which is big enough to put my sewing tools. i hope i can spend more time to go to epal during this school break. all this while i never had time to go there.

this is the outer side.

this is the inner side. no inner pocket as i seldom utilize the pocket!! haha..

anyway, i want to wish all the muslim friends 'selamat hari raya aidiladha'. i'm going back to my hometown. can't wait to see my parents and siblings!!


Friday, November 12, 2010

Feel Free

I'm feeling free rite now. fuhhh!! at last..after a long battle. just kinda hard to believe that i'm back. yeah!! i'm back (at least for the time being). i guess u all know what's in my head rite now. hey...i'm trying to give an excuse, o.k. there's nothing better than to give an excuse for our inability to achieve something kan?? hurmmm.. itu lah saya. dush..dush..(tangan sekali kat pipi untuk tujuan menyedarkan diri).

o.k..o.k..just put it aside. first of all i want to seek an apology from my BOMESIAN frens. I still owing them the BOMs. I will start to sort it out next week. Next week I'm gonna post the BOMs to Kak Pah, K.Dee n Cik Kema and the week after that to K.Maz, Fida n Diana. I'm really really sori yerrr.. that is obviously my weakness and also my mistake!! I am not good in time management lorrr!! that should be not the reason kan?

anyway, below are the BOMs that I received from our BOMESIAN frens. Sorry again for this late entries and updates.

From Fida

From Cik Kema

sy kurang pasti siapa pengirim BOM ni kerana tdk tertera nama pengirimnya di luar sampul pos ekspres tu. nanti sy mulakan edisi siasatnya yerr.. Dah tahu siapa nnti sy akan update kat sini.

From Kak Dee

From Kak Aton.

anyway anyhow i just wanna thanks all my BOMESIAN frens for sending me the BOMs. Thank you again ladies!!