Monday, November 22, 2010


These BOMs were made for Kak Pah, Kak Dee n Cik Kema. I owe them these BOMs for quite some time. Really sorry for that. The photos are quite 'blur' kan?? I took the photos using the handphone. I left my camera at my parents house!!! and I left other important things as well!! what a forgetful person i am...hummm..

Challenging...was the first word uttered from my mouth. I've made few mistakes while doing it. expected already because i haven't sewn anything for quite sometime. doing these BOMs means i have to start from zero again!! hahaha... have to really read the instructions..have to really understand the instructions!! and i thought i was careful enough while doing it but still i made mistake. hmmmm... we are only a human being kan...cannot free from mistake maaa...

Kak Pah's.

Kak Dee's

Cik Kema's

I have four more BOMs to be finished (including mine). that other BOMs will be posted out next week pulak yerr...


  1. alahai..comel3 semuanya... suka la polka dot pink.. susah nak cari kat sini...

  2. Lovely.... KakDee tunggu ketibaan block tu dengan sabar....... Thanks in advance :)

  3. > mama daniel : zila, thanks. ha'ah mmg payah nk cari polka dot pink tu espc kat tempat sy nih. sy pun dah tak hingat kat mana saya dpt fabrik tu.duk try2 nak hingat tp still gagal utk recall kat mana sy dpt fabrik tuh..hmmm...

    > Kak dee : thanks kak dee. dah post dah. tunggu jer ehhh..

  4. Saya memang kagum dengan mereka2 yang cukup berbakat membuat BOMs nih..mesti banyak menagih kesabaran kan...saya da cuba banyak kali!Bila tengok Aimilia dan K.Dee punya hasil kerja memang teruja...

  5. Terima kasih kak. Hasil kerjatangan saya tak seberapa jika dibandingkan dengan hasil kerjatangan kawan2 yg lain termasuklah hasil kerja akak sendiri!! terima kasih sekali lagi kerana sudi datang bertandang ke sini..