Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First Entry

Dear All,

This is my 1st n3 through this blog, but it's not the 1st time for me for blogging as I already have a blog of mine previously . Just to mention that I really running out of time these days. I have no time to update any n3 at the moment. Perhaps after I've settled everything pertaining to my exams then only I can start my 'routine'. My mind at the moment is so crowded with cases. I don't know whether I can recall all those cases from my 'pentium' during my exams. Well, it's just a few more days for me before the exam starts. My legs start shaking!! This is just like a war for me. Meaning that if I pass the exams then I'm still alive, but if I don't that's the end of me. It's really crucial because i'm running out of time. I'm getting older!!! That's the truth. Anyway, thanks a lot to my hubby who is always be by my side. He's the one who gives me strengths and supports, without him it's impossible for me to have whatever I have now. Thanks, dear.

Whatever it is, I would like to state that I've received a parcel yesterday from my blogger friend, Lian. Never met her but really look forward to meet her one day (hope so). Really admire her 'creation'. She's a young girl with multi-talented skills. Thanks a lot to u, Lian. Perhaps we can share our passion. A lot more to learn from a young girl like you!!!

Well, these are all the fabbys.. Few more already in my safekeeping. I'll start for a few projects during my coming semester break!! I just love to sew . It's really can soothe my mind. Perhaps I can finish it before the new semester begins. Insyaallah...(God Willing).

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