Saturday, April 25, 2009

Giveaway Time By Sweet Lil Craft

This is my first time in this kind of participation but the umpteenth time for me in 'peeping' activities. Ha..ha..ha..but trust me it's worth it as finally I got invitation from Ayu of Sweet Lil Craft to participate in her giveaway. Perhaps I can be the luckiest person to get that bag (picture above) and/or that sweet lil strawberry (picture below). They are awesome!! I've been dreaming for these stuffs day and nite.

First time I 'barged in' her house, myself already crazy after her stuffs!!! Really!! No jokes!! And till todate I am really crazy about those things!!(above pics especially).

So, come accompany myself to participate in this giveaway!! It's really Fun!! and yes, it is!!

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