Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Horeyy!! I've received all these buttons yesterday morning. Been sent to hubby's office for convenience. Hey, they are all cute!! Guess where did I got this from?? Of course at buttonplanet. Thanks buttonplanet. I really love it!!!

Take a look!! Aren't they cute?? Wait for my upcoming project. I'll do something on these buttons!!

Gorgeous!! I was afraid of these seashore to be taken away therefore I grab them all!! Ha..ha..ha.. And frustrated of Retro Novelty taken away. hu..hu..hu..

And this is as a compliment from buttonplanet. Thank u so much!! I never thought of having this. Thanks again...

Finally, this is my project. I finished it off about within 2 hours yesterday (too many 'disturbances'). Thanks God, finally I managed to finish it. The materials are 'left-overs' from my previous project.

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