Friday, May 22, 2009

Late entry!!!

Hi! Everybody, I'm back!!!! I'm so happy to be here. Lately, I'm so busy with my house chores. My daughter, Saffiya is having her exam so I'm quite tension!! Hopefully she can do better from previous exams. Anyway she never let me down!!! Alhamdulillah...

This late entry is all about mother's day gift. The above purse was made for my mother. "terima kasih mak kerana telah memberikan segala-galanya pada akak. Akak harap mak panjang umur, sentiasa sihat walafiat dan dimurahkan rezeki yang halal lagi berkat. Tiada apa yang dapat menggantikan tempat mak di dalam hati ini. Akak sayang sangat kat mak."

I know she will not be able to read this. But all I want to say is I love her so much!!! I could not imagine if I have to live without her!! Because she is everything for me.

From inner side. Actually I was not satisfied with the outcome but then again come to think of it, it's better than nothing. Don't you think so??!! Quite a number of projects are coming. I've received a few orders from my friends on this purse and I'm working on it!!! Wait for the up-date. Till then see you all in the next entry. Bye!!


  1. waa terrornya buat beg macam ni... macam beg kat kedai jer...

  2. mmg teror....
    dan amat cantik...

  3. how sweet! Thats a very lovely purse. :)

  4. To deemumtaz, eyna, wan n alviana, tima ksh bnyk2. x delah gojes mana pun tp blhlah kalo setakat nk m'gembirakan ati org tua kita.

  5. hi aimila.... cantik bag nih.. simple tapi sweet..

    kakpah nak tanye... kat mana beli tangkai bag tu.. ehh panggil tangkai ke :) handle bag.hihi

    cantik la aimila..

  6. sis aimi...ryn nak order bag ni blh? brape harganya ek + postage ek? ade fabric pe lagi ek selain fabrik ni? nak hadiahkan kat mak ryn juge...nnti email me ya sis!