Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kelly's Handphnone Case..

A handphone case for Kelly (my sister's friend). Young girl always fascinate about 'girly' thing that's why she chose that fabric (I guess so). It fits Nokia E series especially E61i, E71 n (how many E(s) do I have to mention here) and not to forget the iPhone as well. I've tried it!! It fits both my phone!! mission is for my own phone!!

See.. I told you, it fits on nokia E61i. Actually it has pocket at the back (forgot to snap the photo of it). Next time yea.. Anyway Kelly, thanx so much for your support. She is really a nice girl. Really..


  1. meriah? hoho.. hari 2 sept je,penuh dengan bunga2 cinta, special day le katakan.. hari ni tadak dah.. ngeee~ tuzki? amik kat sini
    cute kannn.. suke kat tuzki tu ~ the crazy wabbit!
    cantek owh! aimila sgt pndai mjahit!