Monday, January 18, 2010

My Own Label!!!

Finally, I managed to get my own label. I got it from izue. The design and all that were made by her. I was flattered.... memang hepi sakan!!! Thanks izue for your superb service!!!

Btw, I'm going to change my blog title from "dreamneedle" to "delicate fingers" very soon (the URL add still the same). I've changed it!!!

And the most important thing, I'll be making a giveaway also very soon. So do check it out!!! I am inviting all of you to participate in my very 1st giveaway. Still on my way!!!!


  1. wow,own label! hebat!!! tepok3 ~ giveaway? nice ~ i loike! tepok3 lagi!

  2. lawa labelnya..boleh ayu tahu berapa kosnya?
    giveaway!!wah..nak join,nak join :)

  3. huiyooo...dh ade label sendiri!!!bagus2....

  4. > wan.
    mekacih wan. tunggu errkkk kita nyer g'away!!!

    > Sweetlilcraft
    ayu, mmg cantik bangat label tu. memang puashati betullah. try lah wat gak.

    > Haida
    hahaha.. suka2. tensen ko!!! jadinya menda2 gini lah yg blh m'hilangkan tensen k.ila nih...huhuhu.