Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BOM for Musliha

Quick update for today. This is for our Musliha. This month is her turn. She chose pink and red therefore this is the outcome. Perhaps she's gonna get this by tomorrow because i'm packing it and gonna post it by today. I have to rush because this week is the final week for the BOM to be posted. Furthermore this coming friday is a public holiday (Maulud Nabi), so it's good for me to get it done by today!!! Hope Mus gonna like this. Hopefully huh!!!

Hey!! I'm off now. Gotta go to check on Saffiya in school. Have to send some special 'menu' during her recess!!! I'll do anything for her (lucky daughter huh!!!).


  1. cantik la fabric merah tu.. berkenan saya.. =)

  2. emmm..saya pon berkenan. japanese cotton tu. my uncle bought for me last time when he was in japan. dah lama sgt dah kain tu. x tau nak wat ape..