Wednesday, June 10, 2009

For Me!!

Hola!! I'm so proud that I've done with this 'petite' handbag. Actually it's for me!! Shhhh... I am really embarrassed with my previous so-called handbag (my hubby always tells me that my handbag is just like a ' mobile dustbin'). Yep!! actually I like to put everything inside it (the receipts, bills, car + house + office keys and so on so forth). He wanted to buy for me the new one but I told him I wanted to make it myself. this is the outcome!! I enjoyed doing it and I love it sooooooo much although it is not a 'branded' one and I am very proud of my 'achievement'. Ha...ha..ha.. Was it really an achievement???!!!


  1. kak ila! ni beg yang dln all people quilt
    tu kan?
    hehehe.. tika pun nak buat juge.. tapi mase nye enggak ada..huhu..sadis!
    cantik colour combination :-)

    btw, "the community" dlm comment tu tika tu pe maksudnye? :-)

  2. nice bag, nice striking color too ! a'ahh.. i saw this bag kat mag quilt & more..