Monday, June 8, 2009

Made by her!!

I don't know what she's up to but definitely these was done by her!! I think she gets bored doing nothing during the school holidays. She understands the nature of her daddy's job. Always busy. So this school holidays the three of us (me, saffiya n sara) have spent a lot of time together and it was fun!! Pity my hubby. He got loaded of work to be done. And the most interesting part, whenever he got outstation case he will bring us together with him!! So finally I've got a chance to go to Palace of Justice this coming Thursday. Hooray!!! He always mentioned to me that the place is awesome n he hopes by doing that it will give me some inspiration (he knew that I lost interest in my course lately). Don't know why...

But Saffiya...You have done great job!! Mommy n daddy will always be proud of u (Sara included!!). She puts the thing on my study desk. "This is for u mom. If u feel lazy to read your book, I hope when looking at this thing u will remember us (daddy, saffiya n sara). I want u to succeed in ur study either." That's exactly the words thrown by her "mouth". I feel like crying..such a small girl sometimes can read my mind!!!

This 'bear' I have to put on top of my pen or pencil. Isn't it cute??!! I love it sooooo much. Thanx to my hubby and also my dotters. They are everything to me!!! Saffiya...I will be strong as strong as your daddy to make sure our life is meaningful.


  1. Anak ko pun kretip ek...sure ikut jejak ko lah ni...

  2. To eyna n khairil...
    Hobi..utk isi masa lapang. kalo tak asyik nonton TV 24 jam. baik biarkan aje dia ber 'kretip' mcm gini.