Tuesday, February 1, 2011


lifeless blog lately...i know...the truth is, i faced difficulty in updating my own blog because there was nothing to be updated!! hehe.. my sewing machine + lappy were 'ill' past few weeks and i need to send them both for some 'repairing and servicing' works. and due to that problems i have to 'postpone' few projects. i feel so guilty and embarrased towards my swap partner, liza and 3 other Bomesian friends (Kak Maz, Fida n Diana) for failing to fulfill my duty on time. but now those pending projects had been completed and being sent to them since yesterday. Perhaps they'll be receiving it if not today maybe tomorrow and hoping that they'll like it.
Below are the 'lunch bags' for my kids. The tutorial can be found here. They were not as perfect as ayumi's (of course and i have to admit that) but still the kids were so happy to have it. They really proud to carrying it at school because according to them all of their friends are admiring it. and they keep asking my kids where did they got the bags. kids kan suka bercerita dan kakak (my eldest) told me "kakak beritahu kawan2, mama yang jahitkan untuk kakak sambil hidung kakak ni kembang kuncup menahan rasa bangga sebab semua kawan2 puji beg tu cantik". haha.. tu yang tak tahan tu...sampai kembang kuncup hidung. But please don't get me wrong.. i'm not trying to show off whatsoever..it's just that i'm trying to share my happiness with all of you here. i guess most of you will get the same feelings whenever your kids love your work so much kan??? as for adik (my youngest) will never forget to bring it to her KAFA. there was one day when i totally forgot to bring along her lunch bag and she refused to go to school (sebenarnya she was trying to find excuse to skip her class) and what I did was I went back home just to get her lunch bag and then only she kept quite. ohh..sungguh letih melayan karenah anak2 ni kan?? tapi tu semuanya detik2 yang tak mungkin dirasai lagi apabila mereka dewasa kelak. And i'm sure we'll miss the moment one day. that's why i'm trying my level best to make them happy by giving them my full attention. I will listen to every words they say and I will try to fulfill all their wishes as long as their wishes do not contravene with our religious and our mature adult thinking. I just hope that they will grow up well and be a brilliant pious person and will be able to recognize the good and bad things. As a muslim I always tell them that the life hereafter is much more important. Whatever they do they must think of the consequences and everything that we do we must regard them as part of our ibadah. berceloteh panjang lebar pulak kali ni. dah terkeluar tajuk dah nih...
stop meraban dan merapu...come let us view the lunch bags...

Tadaa...one for kakak and one for adik. The dotted one is for adik and the stripey one is for kakak. U Can get the donut's fabric from talented young lady Zura Lovemelots tu...

View dari atas.

view dari hadapan

yang ni pun sama..view dari atas.

View dari bahagian hadapan.

happy viewing and happy crafting ladies!!
Not forgetting, "happy chinese new year' to our chinese friends...
may this year will bring a lot of happiness to all of us!!!


  1. Wowweee...aren't they delicious looking!makes one feel hungry all the time.

  2. cantikkkkkkknyerrrrr.... :D
    kemas nyer jahitan...
    fabric pun comel.. sesuai utk anak2 dara aimila.. :D

  3. kak, mmg hungry all the time nih..hehe

    zila, tocei..tocei..terasa kembang kuncup plak nih..hihi..meh le try buat.