Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pinchusion and Sewing Caddy

Salam to everybody.. feeling low lately... maybe because of the weather especially in the east coast side where its been raining all day long. Nevertheless house chores never end!!! Always busy preparing the kids with their
By the way, bottom is the pincushion + sewing caddy for my 'sewing patner', Kak Anne. I have not met her for a long time. Really miss her. Ironicolly whenever I'm thinking of her, there will be a phone call by her. There you go Kak Anne. As usual it was not perfectly done by me but lucky me she loves it!! Thank you Kak Anne for everything. (I'm yet to have time to help creating a blog for her as she is 'blogless' at the moment). I will come over at her house (as she can not drive!!) and God Willing I'll help her with that matter, I mean blog thingy.

The sewing caddy is the original idea of Cinderberry Stitches and the pincushion is from Quilts and more mag (If i'm not mistaken). Thank you all for spending some time reading this. Bye.!! Wassalam..

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  1. Very lovely work!

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