Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy.....not so

Will be sending them out to the rightful owners. The rightful owners are the winners of my very 1st giveaway. Still haven't got chance to mail them since I have to look after my daughter, Sara. Coughing and running nose!!! I can't bear seeing her like that!!! The moment I saw her coughing that day, I knew that my lil princess was not feeling well!! I have planned so many things a week before. I've made an appointment earlier with my law lecturer but in the end I just could not make it, which in my opinion that appointment will sort out everything that clouded my mind. I need her help. Really!! Sigh... I realize that in order for me to succeed, I have to sacrifice a lot. But one thing for sure I'm not going to sacrifice my family especially my two daughters. They are everything to me. Without them all, I don't think I will have the strength and courage to go through all the meanders in my life. I should stop the 'not so happy' story of mine. Don't u think so? Cheer up by viewing all these photos. To the winners, do wait for them. I'll be sending them out soon.

Dottie Flowery Tote

Fruity Stripey Tote

N also Fruity Stripey Tote

*****Baina, I'm awaiting for your address to enable the bag to be sent over to you!! I already left the message, but until todate still haven't receive any reply from you!!!


  1. thanks delicate fingers..a.k.a aimila.. sk sgt sbb dpt giveaway from u.. thanks..=)

  2. be strong k sis...hope sara will be ok soon. smile always ^^

  3. thanks sis.. i've got my "comel sgt" bag.. i like it so much..=) hope she'll be fine soon.. amin