Sunday, March 21, 2010

She Likes Pingu...

A friend of mine, Yani had asked me a favour. Frankly, I told her, at this point of time I might get her disappointed because I am terribly busy with my study schedule. A lot of assignment and presentation to be done and to be prepared. And the most important is my preparation to sit for the exams on this coming April!!

Despite all that, I managed to prepare for her some key-chains to be given to her students. Yani is a kindergarten teacher. Well, I guess the students will be happy to receive this from their teacher!! Lupa pulak nak tanya untuk apa, errkkk... tapi tak pe layan je lah gambar2 kat bawah ni.

Red Pingu

Pink Pingu

White Pingu

Hope she'll be happy. She loves Pingu so much!!

Anybody interested, kindly drop me an e-mail :

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